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Field Care

When in the field there are a few things you can do to properly care for your game.


Lightly shot birds with good plumage will always make the best mounts.  Check the wings to make sure they are intact.  If there is a hole in the beak, that is fine as a cast head can be used to replace the skull.  Ladies nylons work the best for preserving the bird.  Slip the bird head first into one leg of nylon that has been cut at the crotch.  This will protect all of the feathers and force them to lie down in the proper position.  If you are going on a hunt and expect to bring home a bird to mount, do yourself a favor and pack a pair for the trip.  Another method is to tuck the head of the bird under the wing and roll it up in paper.  When using either method try and get the bird into a freezer or on ice as soon as possible.  If the bird is going to be frozen for an extended period of time seal the bird in plastic.  If a bird is left in the freezer unprotected it will dehydrate and the quality of the mount will be comprimised.  Transport and ship the bird frozen.


If doing a shoulder mount it is not necessary to cut the meat off past the neck.  We will finish the skinning process for you.  If doing full body mount dorsal skin out the animal by cutting along the back and rolling the skin forward.  Sleeve the legs as far as possible and then cut them off at the joints leaving the ankles in.  Just like a shoulder mount the head can be left in at the neck.  Salting the hide, while not necessary, can help in the preservation of the skin as it will suck the moisture out.  Roll the hide up with the fat sides folded into each other. Keep the hide as cool as you can and get it into a freezer as soon as possible.  Following these steps will reduce the chance of slippage.  The last thing you want is for your prize game to lose all of its hair when tanned due to improper field care.

When brining any game to the taxidermist California State Law requires that requires that you also leave information on how the game was taken.  The law requires name, address, hunting license, date it was taken, and where it was taken.  Please include this information when shipping any game to the Outlaws.

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